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Your local resource for personal service and technical excellence.
Serving the West/Central Adirondacks and Black River Valley since 1999.

My primary location at this time is Lake Pleasant (Hamilton County).
I am periodically in Glenfield (Lewis County).

All service is by appointment. I do not have a 'retail store' or shop.

Important Information:

Some issues can be resolved by a combination of telephone consulting and remote access to your systems. Remote access obviously requires a functional computer and Internet connection.

Major hardware problems require that I have physical access to the equiment.

Network and Internet connectivity problems generally require an on-site service call.

The most economical way to get your computer fixed it to bring it to me. The reason is simple:

Much of the time involved in software work is waiting for scans, downloads, or installations to complete. If I have your computer in the shop I can be working on something else instead of charging you for wait time. If I am working on it at your home or business, then I am on the clock while I wait.

Hardware repair requires adequate work space, and access to tools, test equipment, and parts.

Hours are by appointment only. Please call before coming to drop something off. I am available some evenings and weekends and will try to accommodate your schedule.

I also offer pick up and delivery services. Travel time and on-site time charges apply. Travel time will be discounted if I am in the area anyway.

In certain cases it may be possible to arrange drop off or pick up at an intermediate mutually convenient location.

I require complwetion of a customer information form to avoid confusion and provide necessary information. To save time, you can download an complete this form ahead of time. If you are not bringing your computer to me personally, make sure you drop of a completed form with the computer. /p>

Customer Information Forms

Contact me by email    telephone: (315) 376-8879

Affordable Technical Solutions