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A Note About Web Development

I haven't spent much time over the last few years on my own personal and business web sites [like this one] and those I maintain on a volunteer basis for various clubs and organizations. They are functional and present information. That's about it. They are very useful sites, but the formatting is pretty basic and they haven't been updated to the latest design standards. Instead of playing with these sites, I've concentrated on serving my customers immediate needs.

Over the years I have developed many small commercial web sites. I specialize in creating really inexpensive straightforward web pages. is an example of an effective small web site that is constantly kept updated at very little cost and requiring no technical knowledge on the part of the site owner. However I have also designed, created, and maintained larger sites including on-line catalogs and design guides, and a Miva Merchant ecommerce site. In 1997 I created the first intranet on-line course catalog for Carrier Corporation's Center For Manufacturing Excellence training facility in Syracuse, NY.

I have helped several organizations and small businesses get started on the web. Some sites still exist while others have been moved, modified, or deleted for various reasons. Many have since transitioned to in-house development, transferred to a large advertising agency, or integrated their ecommerce into a larger in-house business/inventory system.

I don't have the overhead or complexity of a big ad agency. You will not be dealing with (or financing) a large complex organization, but rather directly with me in a personal manner.

To be honest, I haven't concentrated on web design recently due to the demand for my other professional services. Many commercial sites I previously developed have transitioned to other providers or in-house maintenance. So please don't use these Affordable Technical Solutions web pages or others such as or as your sole source for evaluation if you are considering having me work on your web site.

One thing you will notice about almost all of my web pages is that they are concise. They are focused on presenting information in an organized easy to read format. Moreover, they load very fast and can be viewed on older browsers or even slow dial-up connections. That is my design philosophy and it will not change. No one is going to look at your web site if it takes forever to load or they can't find what they need.

One reason that the web pages on this site load fast and are compatible with older browsers is that most of them were designed years ago using only basic html code. Another advantage is that the source code is very easy to edit. The pages are functional so I haven't spent much time making major coding changes. I try to keep things simple on new sites I create while still conforming to the latest web standards and technologies.

If you are looking for an economical way to get started on the web, or some help with your existing site, I can help. Please contact me. I specialize in working with you to develop a straightforward site or improve your existing site within your budget. You don't have to do everything at once. Your site can start simple and grow as your business or organization grows. You can get started for as little as $99. This gets you a basic web page and hosting for one year. Please contact me for more information.

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