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Webroot SecureAnywhere

Webroot SecureAnywhere is my 2015 choice for full-time virus protection. Webroot software has been well respected for years. This year it has received a "Editors Choice" award and top ratings for protection by independent testing labs.

In addition it has a small 'footprint" which means it works without putting undue an load on computer resources. It also is priced lower than other top-rated products.

There are other decent programs, but also many third-rate programs, as well as many that are really bad or even actually are malware in disguise. Just because you recognize a name or remember something that was popular a few years ago does not mean you should assume it is the best program now.

Many people purchase a security suite on the belief that they are getting a lot of additional protection.

In my opinion they generally are not.

The security suites include a "personal firewall" that replaces the built-in Windows firewall. It is questionable as to whether these firewalls really provide more protection. What they do tend to do is cause problems on your local network, such as with shared printers and folders. They also can block Internet access by legitimate program.

Additional programs in the utility bundles may have some value if you actually configure and use them, but I find that most people don't. Therefore they are paying for something they don't really need or use.

You can buy Webroot SecureAnywhere in a retail store or online and install it yourself. If you are confident that you know how to install the program and that your computer is ready for installation (i.e. all previous active security software removed, etc.) this is an option.

However I offer the program at a 25% discount off the regular price plus you get personal service and someone local to call. Please contact me for the best price and assistance in installing the program.

Renewals: Before you renew a subscription for any currently installed security software, please contact me to make sure you have the current best product and are getting the subscription renewal ad a discounted price. However I can generally save you 25%-50% off the renewal price with the added bonus of not having to provide any personal info to any other company.

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